Albert, What Are The 25 Highest Paying Associate Degrees?

It is cheaper and easier to get an associate degree than a full bachelor’s degree. Despite this, there are still quite a lot of lucrative career opportunities for people with associate degrees. Below are some of such career opportunities.

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1. Air traffic controller
With an associate degree in aeronautics, you can get a job as an air traffic controller. This job involves directing the flow of traffic at airports and communicating important information to pilots during their flight. You can earn an average of $122,000 per year as an air traffic controller.

2. Radiation therapist
A radiation therapist works with medical personnel to treat patients with the use of radiation. They operate the machines used and monitor the patients of such treatment processes. You earn an average of $85,000 annually as a radiation therapist.
3. Nuclear technician
An associate degree in nuclear science or technology can get you a job as a nuclear technician. A nuclear technician’s job involves the monitoring and operation of machines in a nuclear research laboratory or other nuclear energy facilities. They earn an average of $82,000 every year.
4. Nuclear medicine technologist
Nuclear medicine technology involves the preparation and administration of radioactive drugs. The job also involves the care and monitoring of patients undergoing radioactive treatment. You can expect an average annual salary of $78,000.
5. Dental hygienist
A dental hygienist’s job involves assisting a dentist, doing tasks such as cleaning patient’s teeth, administration of fluoride treatments and the keeping of patient’s dental records. An average annual salary of $76,000 is expected.
6. Magnetic resonance imaging technologist
MRI technologists are in charge of the machines used to scan and create images of the insides of patients for diagnosis. They earn an average of $71,000 annually.
7. Web developer
Web developers write codes to build websites. This is a skill that is growing to be in high demand. You can make an average of $70,000 per annum as a web developer.
8. Medical sonographer
A medical sonographer makes use of special ultrasound devices to create images of the body used to carry out tests. They earn an average annual salary of $69,000.
9. Aerospace engineering technician
Aerospace engineering technicians have an average annual salary of $66,000. The job involves the installation and maintenance of air and space craft.
10. Electronics and electrical technician
Electrical technicians work with electronics and are usually involves in the design and installation of electrical systems. You can earn an average of $65,000 as an electronics and electrical technician.
11. Avionics technician
These technicians carry out the maintenance of flight equipment. This involves the repair of aircraft and aircraft equipment. They earn around $64,000 annually.
12. .Respiratory therapist
The job of a respiratory therapist is basically to help people breathe. Pepe with breathing problems are taken care of by respiratory therapists. They earn an average of $63,000 per annum.
13. Occupational therapy assistant
Occupational therapy assistants provide support duties to occupational therapists to help rehabilitate paitents with special development problems. The work of the assistant is often to guide and teach patients as well as do administrative work. They earn an average of $59,000 annually.
14. Electromechanical technician
Electromechanical technicians are skilled in both electrical and mechanical fields and this knowledge is often used for the operation and maintenance of machines on the field in different engineering practices. They earn an average salary of $58,000 annually.
15. Mechanical engineering technician
These technicians are involved in the design, manufacturing and inspection of various tools used by engineers in different fields. They make an average of $57,000 every year.
16. Funeral service worker
Funeral service workers plan the details of a funeral such as the time and the location of the burial. They also sometimes have to deal with the family of diseased individuals. Funeral workers make around $56,000 yearly.
17. Drafter
Drafters, with the use of computer aided design programs convert designs into technical drawings which are used in creating a particular tool or building. An associate degree in drafting can get you a job with an average salary of $56,000 per annum.
18. Industrial engineering technician
An industrial engineering technician’s job is to ensure that time, money and effort expended on a project is managed effectively. They have an average yearly salary of around $56,000.
19. Computer support specialist
A degree in this field can earn you an average of $53,000 every year.
20. Civil engineering technician
Civil engineering technicians work to build and maintain structures. They generally earn around $53,000 per year.
21. Computer network specialist
The network of computers used by an organization is managed by a specialist. These specialists make around $52,000 every year.
22. Paralegal
A paralegal assists a lawyer on and off a trial. They may fix a lawyers appointmens and help to gather legal information. They take home an average of $51,000 every year
23. Geological and petroleum technician
An associate degree in geological and petroleum technology could land you a job earning you $50,000 yearly.
24. Environmental engineering technician
Environmental engineering technicians make an average of $50,000 every year.
25. Medical equipment repairer
Fixing equipment and tools used by personnel in hospitals can net you around $49,000 per annum.

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