Albert, What Are the Best Pet Insurance Options in 2022?

As a pet owner who has taken an injured or sick pet to the vet, you know how expensive their Veterinary Care expenses can be. In a case like this, it is beneficial if you have a financial safety backup plan as you can’t watch your pet’s health deteriorate… Let’s see how low-cost Pet Insurance can help!

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Pet insurance is an effective medium to protect a pet from future expenses that could cause a financial shock to the owner.
The first pet insurance policy was issued in 1982 but was not easy to understand by pet owners, which is no longer the case. Pet insurance usually offers the same basic coverage though the prices and benefits could be different. I have put together an unbiased list of the best pet insurance companies which will help you choose the best insurance company for your pet, its coverage, and the factors affecting the price of their policy.

Pet Insurance


Headquarters: Greater Seattle Area, Western USA.
Highlights Of Healthy Paws.

Healthy paws offer one of the best values in pet insurance with their plans for cats starting at $15 monthly and $20 for dogs without any limitation on your claims which makes the company stand out from other pet insurance companies. The company’s only pet insurance plan covers emergencies, hospital stays, surgeries, illnesses, accidents, and prescription medications.
Healthy paws coverage allows you to visit any licensed animal hospital for an emergency that needs the attention of a radiologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, and internal medical experts without the need for a referral. Your pets must be at least eight weeks old and under the age of 14 to qualify for enrollment. The company’s plan covers pets aged six and above with unlimited lifetime coverage with an entire illness and accident policy.
Healthy paw has an age restriction policy for those older than eight years old as they are only entitled to 60% reimbursement with a yearly deductible of $750.


Headquarters: Morristown, New Jersey, USA.
Highlights Of Aspca Pet Health Insurance.

The Aspca pet health insurance covers illnesses, accidents, behavioral health issues, congenital and hereditary issues like hip dysplasia. The company also has an insurance plan that covers only accidents. What puts it ahead of several pet insurance companies is the two insurance policies it has for horses: illnesses or colic and accidents, colic, and accidents.
For the sake of prevention care, the company allows all pets to have two different wellness riders included in their policies. While the exact limits on treatment differ from one animal to another, their riders do not work on the common animal annual limit but rather work on an itemized basis for any wellness procedure.
The company’s monthly premium is one of the cheapest amongst pet insurance companies with a low yearly limit of $3000 with an additional 70% to 90% reimbursement given to you to cover your pet health expenses, either via a check or a bank deposit.


Headquarters: Boise, Idaho, USA.
Highlights Of Pets Best.

Pets’ best insurance plan does not have an age restriction or limit, which allows your aging pet to qualify for the coverage. Still, like every other insurance company policy, it does not cover any pre-existing health conditions that your pet is experiencing.
The company’s accident and illness policies for your pet are divided into essential, plus, and elite plants. All cover illnesses, accidents, emergency care, behavioral conditions, hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer treatments, and several others. The company also allows you to add two wellness coverage to their three policy plans for your pet’s routine health care requirements. Pets best offer pet owners a flexible plan that could go up to 90% regarding their reimbursement levels, annual limit, and deductibles.
Pet owners who want more limited protection and considering their budgets should look at pet best policy as they have a 70% reimbursement rate with a monthly fee of $9 for accidents only. No matter the plan you choose, their monthly payments, even for the most comprehensive coverage, usually cost $50 or below.


Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Highlights Of Embrace.

Embrace is known as the best insurance company for your pet’s dental health. It offers a coverage of $1000 yearly for dental illnesses in most States, which covers gingivitis, broken, fractured, or chipped teeth, root canal, crown, and extractions. The company’s basic coverage requires a monthly $12 fee for dogs and $6 for cats covering rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, hospitalization, surgery, drug prescription, diagnostic testing, emergency veterinary care, alternative therapies, specialist care, prosthetics, and mobility devices.
The company’s policies do not cover your pet’s routine cleaning and their yearly checkup. Still, it can be reimbursed with a wellness rider that offers additional coverage for your pet training, grooming, vaccines, wellness exams, neutering, or spraying with $650 to be reimbursed yearly.
The company also shrinks deductibles that can be set between $100 and $1000. You get a $50 reduction for every year you do not file a complaint, which means a healthy pet with several consecutive claim reimbursement free years would have your deductible reduced to zero.

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