How To Find The Best Deal For Lift Chairs

Using a Lift Chair, physically impaired folk don’t have to worry about getting up or down the stairs. The latest models remove the pain, effort and time it takes to get around your home safely on a daily basis.

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As people age, it becomes more difficult to do simple things that were once taken for granted, such as getting up and down the stairs in their home. A power lift chair can provide a useful solution to this problem. It is an excellent investment for people that need to regain or retain their mobility and independence.

Lift Chairs are generally not cheap, though those in need may be pleased to know that the chair’s motorized lift mechanism is a Medicare-covered item. For those that qualify, Medicare may cover up to as much as 80% of the chair lift mechanism, but then you must also purchase your lift chair from a trusted Medicare-enrolled mobility equipment supplier. 

Choosing the right lift chair can be difficult, with many people being new to this technology. Understanding what these chairs can offer and what to look for when purchasing one is key to your safe movement up and down the stairs of your home. Take a look at these contemporary Lift Chairs for physically impaired folk that come with financial aid and get yourself mobile again.

Elara PR-118 3-Position Is a Comfortable and Ergonomic Lift Chair for Physically Impaired People

The Elara is a member of Golden Technology’s brand-new DeLuna Power Recliner series and features a fashionable, seamed back for a contemporary look. The Elara is available in four brand-new, luxurious fabrics as well as durable, machine-washable vinyl. The entire design of this modern lift chair provides comfort, stability, and security from head to toe.

The Elara is straightforward to use due to its adjustable headrest and two-button, user-friendly hand control. In the case of a power outage, a battery backup is also included. The DeLuna Series lift chairs are the best solution for those who require a lift chair to move about their homes and who wish to reclaim their freedom.

Product features:

  • Easy 2-button hand control

  • Manually-Adjustable

  • 3-position headrest

  • USB Port

  • New luxurious fabrics

List price: $899 from Amazon Prime

Americans Needing Assistance Getting Up and Down Stairs at Home Are Benefiting from the Maxi Comfort PR-505

This Maxi Comfort PR-505 is a leading lift chair for people with mobility issues. This innovative and well designed solution allows you to preserve your independence at home to the maximum degree possible, therefore saving you a substantial amount of time and effort.

This chair has easy-to-use controls and instructions that are big enough to read (Braille supplied) for anyone with limited dexterity and eyesight. Arthritic individuals will appreciate the chair’s ability to be raised and lowered with the touch of a button and minimal physical effort. The chair is also equipped with a quiet engine that propels it at a pace that is neither too slow nor too rapid.

Product features:

  • Wall-hugging stable design

  • Comfortable with plenty of padding

  • Easy to use controls

  • Comes in three different sizes

List price: $1,199 from Golden Technology

The Maxi Comfort PR-535 with Cutting Edge Zero Gravity Technology is a New Beginning for Lift Chair Users

The Maxi Comfort PR-535 was designed to provide consumers with increased convenience and comfort. The newly updated Maxi Comfort PR-535 has a new ultra-plush back design for maximum comfort, bigger armrests to make it simpler to enter or exit the chair when it is lifted, and an appealing new seam pattern. Additionally, the arms are ultra-padded for enhanced comfort and value.

Relax and unwind in it, as its unique Maxi Comfort Zero-Gravity Positional Technology provides better positional comfort than any other lift chair on the market. Maxi Comfort allows you to recline in the zero-gravity-like position designed by NASA, which alleviates lower back pain and muscle stress. You may also recline with your feet above your heart level to alleviate swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet, or lift your hips to alleviate back pain.

Product features:

  • Zero Gravity Positioning designed by NASA

  • Programmable hand control

  • Full chaise pad seating

  • No gap between the seat and footrest

List price: $1,699 from Golden Technology

The Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner is Ideal for Home Mobility Boasting Dual Motor Design and Maximum Comfort

The dual-motor construction of this motorized lift recliner from Ashley Furniture makes it the king of individualized comfort. You may individually adjust the headrest and footrest using a button to get the appropriate angle.

This upholstered wonder also has a remote control, high-resiliency foam for velvety, comfortable seating, and a battery backup for functioning even during a power outage. It is offered in both a gorgeous saddle brown poly-fibre and a leather-like black poly-fibre.

Product features:

  • One-touch hand control power button with adjustable positions

  • High-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fibre

  • Side pocket storage

  • Dual motors control the footrest and back for comfort positioning

List price: $849.49 from Amazon Prime

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