How To Become A Successful Streamer

Many people have found success as streamers or YouTubers. Streaming is a form of entertainment plus a way to make a side income. If you want to earn money from streaming find what you enjoy doing and follow our guide to earning money from streaming.

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How streaming can earn you money.

Streamers can earn money from sponsorships, ads, or donations. Sponsorships typically involve a group, company, or individual paying a streamer for advertising their product to the streamer’s audience. Advertising can be through text links, banner ads at the bottom of the screen, or even integrated into gameplay. Ads are usually displayed between breaks in the gameplay. Many streamers try to screencast while playing a game. This allows them to minimize the disruption. These ads display before and after videos, on websites, or in games.

Another way streamers earn money is through donations from their fans, viewers, or subscribers. You can accept PayPal donations or even do things like open a PO Box to receive gifts that you can display on stream (such as food, toys, and clothes).

Other ways to bring in cash include paid subscriptions, which usually offer perks such as special emoticons for chats or access to exclusive content. Twitch also offers its own ad-free viewing with three different subscription tiers.

 What do I need to start?

You will need a webcam, mic, and headphones. Plus of course a computer and internet to broadcast yourself! For YouTube you can get away with just your laptop but it is recommended to have a camera of some sort. We also recommend that you have some kind of stabilization equipment or tripod for your camera. No one enjoys enjoy shaky videos. If you want to be one of those fancy streamers that can play games at top quality then you will also need other peripherals such as a high quality graphics card.

What do I stream?

Find what you enjoy and do it well. If you are not a huge fan of video games, find you should take up something else creative such as cooking shows, making videos of how-to crafts/DIY or even educational videos such as science experiments or history talks. It can be anything that interests you.

Ways to earn money as a streamer

There are many ways to monetize your content. You can try affiliate marketing such as Amazon Associates: you put links to your favorite items. If someone clicks the link and buys them then you get a percentage of that sale!

If you become a popular entertainer you can make people subscribe for ad revenue or monetize through Patreon, where fans can pledge monthly and in return you give them rewards such as shout-outs, giveaways, etc. Popular Twitch streamers can become partnered and receive money from the streaming site directly.

It is very common for streamers/YouTubers to sell merchandise containing their brand name, logo, or other trademarks such as t-shirts, mugs, hats etc. You just need to find a good supplier that makes high quality goods.

You can also check out sponsorship deals such as Razer Comms, an app where you play your games with their software.

How to maximize your income

The more viewers you get, the more money you can earn! So, it is important to make your stream look good and sound good.

· The game should suit your audience – people like different things so try to appeal to them.

· Having a high-quality voice and game – it’s hard to get viewers when you can barely hear what you are saying or when there are too many bugs in the game.

· Interacting with your viewers – this is what keeps people watching so talk to them, maybe give them challenges or secrets! Just be creative and have fun with it!

Don’t give up, it’s very difficult to get viewers and keep them but keep going!

Best platforms for streaming online

· Twitch- the largest video game streaming site in the world. You can monetize your twitch channel through ads that will show up before your actual stream starts and you also get paid if people subscribe to your channel.

· Mixer- a new streaming platform made by Microsoft, mainly focused on ease of broadcasting for Xbox gamers.

· Hitbox- another up-and-coming streaming service.

· Beam- a new streaming service with very nice features including the option to download your stream recording and edit it!

· DailyMotion- a video sharing website which supports live streaming and is generally more lenient than other platforms.

· Facebook Live- You can only stream from your phone on their app and you need to have at least 4,000 friends so it may be difficult to get started. After that, it’s pretty straightforward.

· OBS- Open Broadcaster Software, free and by open-source

Best games for streaming online

Remember that it’s what YOU like doing. Of course, there are some games that are more popular than others, especially with lots of gamers out there.

· PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds- A very popular battle-royale style game with 100 players on a map trying to kill each other and the last one standing wins.

· Fortnite- A new version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Built walls and such to protect yourself, but it is still as action packed!

· League of Legends- a multiplayer online battle arena game where you basically play with other people in teams to destroy an enemy structure, very fun and your viewers will love it too!

· Overwatch- a team-based multiplayer first person shooter where you basically get to play heroes and defeat the evil forces of the enemy!

· World of Warcraft- A very popular online role-playing game also known as WoW. It can be played in both single player and multiplayer.

· HALO- A shooting game on Xbox that is very popular with gamers, especially for streaming on Twitch.

· Destiny 2- a first-person shooter on PS4.

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