How to Avoid the Worst Cat Foods

You love your cat and want to keep her as healthy as possible. A key ingredient in accomplishing this is feeding your cat food that is healthy for a cat. Cats should not be fed human or dog food as these are not appropriate for a cat’s health. However, just because a product is labeled as “cat food”, does not mean it is actually good for your cat.

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Cats are strict carnivores and need to get most of their nutrition from animal proteins. Ingredients such as carbohydrates (corn, rice, grains) and plant based proteins are not good for your cat. Of course, preservatives and other types of chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. The truth is that most of the commercially available cat food available in the stores are not really healthy for your pet. Some of these foods have been found to be half carbohydrates, which is absolutely bad for your cat.

The best way to avoid “bad” cat foods is to buy cat foods that have been tested and rated as actually healthy for you feline friend. Some of the top rated of these cat foods are listed below.

Ziwi Peak Wet Cat Food

– Has over 90% of its ingredients containing fresh animal muscle meat, organs, and bone.

– Contains only high quality and cat healthy animal protein sources.

– Enriched with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Smalls Cat Food

– Contains premium ingredients, many of which are “human grade” food.

– High quality and appropriate animal protein ingredients.

– Contains very low amount of carbohydrates

– High in moisture, to help hydrate your cat.

Dr. Elsey’s - Best Dry Cat Food

Dr. Elsey’s clean protein Chicken Formula is a dry cat food that is actually very low in carbohydrates, unlike most other dry cat foods.

– Contains high quality animal proteins.

– Does not contain any grains.

– No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Authority Chicken Entrée - Best Budget Brand

This can cat food is a good choice for cat owners on a budget.

– Ingredients include high quality animal protein.

– Has been highly rated by cat owners who use this product.

– While not as healthy as the other brands listed, it is still a higher quality than other budget cat foods.

Wellness CORE Kitten Turkey & Chicken Liver Classic Pate- Best for Kittens

Just like a baby, kittens need special cat food that is healthy for them.

– Very soft pate texture, easy for kittens to eat and digest.

– Contains high quality animal proteins and calories.

– Rich in moisture to help keep your kitten hydrated.

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