Albert, How to Hire an HVAC Expert?

An HVAC system, short for heating, ventilation and cooling system works to control the temperature of your house. It does this by heating or cooling depending on the situation. An HVAC system is also responsible for purifying the air and regulating humidity levels.

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To install or repair an HVAC system, you will need the services of an expert. Trying to do the maintenance of your HVAC system on your own is as good as not maintaining it at all. Hiring an expert for the job is the best way to go about it. Professionals have a deep understanding of how the system works. They also offer guarantees in case something goes wrong while they’re installing or fixing the system. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your system is in the best hands.

Why you should hire an HVAC expert

1. Peace of mind
When you hire someone who knows what he’s about for a job, you relax knowing that he will do a good job. The same applies to installing, servicing or repairing an HVAC system.

2. It is more efficient
Proper maintenance of an HVAC system can result in big power savings. These savings in the long run outweigh the savings made from doing repairs and maintenance on your own. HVAC experts have the experience and skills you do not have and this means that they do a better job and this can lead to a longer lifespan of the HVAC system.

3. Helps to prevent big issues
HVAC experts know what they are doing. They have the necessary skills to fix and maintain HVAC systems. Having an expert look over your HVAC system can help you prevent big issues in the future. An expert knows what to look out for and can easily spot problems you would have overlooked, saving the system from damage.

4. It is less risky
Working on an HVAC system can be dangerous work for the inexperienced. To avoid the risk of hurting yourself, you should leave it to the experts who have the skills and knowledge needed to work on the HVAC system. Professionals also have the right equipment to ensure their safety while they work on your HVAC system.

Tips for hiring an HVAC contractor

1. Get recommendations from friends and family
You probably know several people who have experience hiring HVAC experts. As for their opinions. This helps you narrow down the list of HVAC contractor to choose from.

2. Make sure the HVAC expert is licensed and certified
As HVAC repair and installation isn’t something just anyone can do, you have to be sure any HVAC company you hire knows what they are doing. Find out if the company is licensed and certified to operate.

3. Confirm the insurance of the company
Ask for proof of insurance. Fixing and servicing an HVAC system can be fairly dangerous. Ensure the company is insured to protect your home in the case of any accidents.

4. Check reviews
Hop on websites like Yelp and Better Business Bureau to check out what people have to say about their experiences with different companies.

5. Ask about Rebates and discounts
You may qualify for tax rebates or special discounts. Make sure to as the contractor and also do some research on your own.

6. Know the brands they work with
The best HVAC contractors work with reputable brands and sometimes partner with them. One of the best ways to identify an HVAC contractor you can trust is the brands they are partnered with. Some of the top brands are Coleman Heating and Cooling, Daikin Applied and Lennox Commercial among others.

7. Get written estimates
Ask for cost estimates of installation or repair to be written down as well as equipment and maintenance costs. This makes it easier for you to compare the estimates of different contractors and then choose which one if best for you.

8. Make sure to get a written contract
Be sure to sign a contract with the contractor before work begins. This contract should also include the the terms of warranty. This helps you stay calm even if something goes wrong.

Top HVAC consulting companies

1. Atlantic Westchester
This company, founded in 1961, services clients in the New York metro area. They do all installation, maintenance and reparation of HVAC systems. They have a team of well trained professionals and are partners with companies like conEdison, Energy Star and IFMA.

2. Jackson Controls
Jackson controls provides facility management services to different classes of clients. They offer both HVAC services and products to customers. They are partners with one of the biggest HVAC brands in the world, Johnson Controls.

3. Storer services
This company has been doing installation, maintenance, control and management of HVAC systems for over 50 years. They offer design building solutions, helping to find the right equipment for your specific use case. They also have a remote monitoring service which can be reached at any time you have a problem.

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