Albert, How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Air ducts are perhaps the most important part of an HVAC system. The ducts are responsible for channeling the air that goes through a buildings ventilation system. Over time, dust, mold and other particles build up within the air ducts and parts of the heating, ventilation and cooling system.

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These parts need to be cleaned periodically to ensure the HVAC system functions as it should. You can expect to pay between $400 and $1,000 for the cleaning of your air ducts. The exact figure depends on various factors such as the number of vents in your system, the size of your building as well as the company you hire for the job. Some of these factors are examined below.

1. Number of Vents
A lot of companies will charge you per the number of vents you have in your HVAC system. You can expect to pay $20 to $30 for every vent up to 20 vents. You then pay $20 to $25 for every extra vent. If you have 14 vents for example, you will have to pay $280 to $420 and if you have 25 vents, you will have to pay $500 to $725. The larger your building, the more vents you’ll likely have and the more money you will have to pay for a duct cleaning.
2. Size of building
Some contractors prefer to charge based on the size of the building to be worked on. Since the number of vents in a building is roughly the same for buildings of the same size, this method of billing is also fair.
There are contractors who however prefer to charge per hour. The average rates per hour are between $90 and $125.
3. Extra service offered
There are some additional services offered by air duct cleaning companies that may require you to shell out extra money.
● Air duct inspection
An air duct inspection is carried out to check for dust build up or other problems in the ventilation system of a building. This inspection can cost anywhere between $200 and $500. It is advisable to carry out an inspection to determine if the air ducts actually need cleaning.
● Air duct mold cleaning
Mold in the air ducts can be quite expensive to remove. Not just any substance found in your ducts is mold though. Special laboratory tests have to be carried out to confirm the presence of mold. These tests generally cost around $50. Mold remediation may require the use of special equipments and chemicals. Once mold is discovered in the ducts, it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the system. Mold remediation can cost between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on the severity of the problem.

Air duct maintenance

After your air ducts might have been cleaned, it is important to make sure they remain unclogged for as long as is possible. To achieve this, you have to keep to some maintenance rules. One of these is to make sure you use high-quality filters. These filters should also be replaced at the right intervals to prevent them from failing. When renovation work is underway, you should ensure all vents are closed and the HVAC system shut down until the renovation is completed and all dust and debris is cleared off. Also ensure to maintain a healthy cleaning routine. Do not allow dust build up, vacuum and dust regularly.
Air duct maintenance costs
● Air duct replacement
Replacing the air ducts of a building is a very expensive project and can cost up $9,000 depending on the size of the building. It is also a very complex job because the HVAC system runs through the whole building.
● Air duct coating
This process involves the application of a seal that keeps dust particles out of your ducts and your house. This service is often charged per hour and it takes about 2 to 6 hours to finish depending on how big your building is. It often costs $90 to 130$ per hour.
● Carpet and drape cleaning
Cleaning your carpets and drapes gets rid of air particles which are detrimental to your health. It also ensures that these particles do not get into your air ducts. Some companies that offer air duct cleaning services also clean carpets and drapes for an extra fee. Carpet cleaning can be as cheap as $25 or as expensive as $600, while drapes cost $75 to $450 dollars to clean.
● Air duct asbestos removal
As soon as asbestos is noticed in your air ducts, it should be removed as it can lead to the scarring of lung tissues and can even cause some diseases. Asbestos removal is usually charged per foot of duct and generally costs $30 – $50 per foot.

Cleaning your air ducts can cause your HVAC system to run more effectively, although the effect of this on your power bill might not be noticeable. While it’s okay to change your air duct filters yourself, it is not advisable to clean your air ducts yourself as it requires special and knowledge.

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