The Best Creams for Alleviating Psoriasis Symptoms

Reduce Psoriasis Irritation with Soothing Creams and Lotions, Formulated to Help Treat Psoriasis Symptoms and Lead to a Happier Life!

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that develops red, itchy, scaly spots on the knees, elbows, neck and scalp. It is a prevalent long-term (chronic) condition for which there is no known cure.

Psoriasis often flares for a few weeks or months before decreasing or going into remission. However, there are medications available to assist you in managing symptoms. Additionally, you may combine lifestyle changes and coping mechanisms to improve your quality of life while living with psoriasis. The discomfort can be stressful and somewhat debilitating and anxiety can make it worse.

Psoriasis is believed to be an immune system disorder in which the skin regenerates at a quicker pace than usual. This fast turnover of cells leads in scales and red areas in the most common form of psoriasis, known as plaque psoriasis. What what causes the immune system to malfunction is unknown. Genetic and environmental variables, researchers think, both have a role. This is not a contagious disease. There are several creams available from your doctor or pharmacy to alleviate the pain associated with Psoriasis a few of the best ones are listed below.

Choose Aveeno Concentrated Anti-Itch Lotion – For Soothing Relief From Psoriasis!

The humble oat, which is high in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals called Avenanthramides, has long been a Farmers’ Almanac favourite for relieving minor skin irritations such as poison ivy, insect bites, and sunburns. Aveeno’s Triple Oat Complex delivers short relief from itching while strengthening sensitive skin’s moisture barrier. In addition this lotion call also help reverse bad cholesterol leading to a healthier heart.

Trust CeraVe Psoriasis Cream to Relieve the Symptoms of Itchy, Flaky and Irritated Skin.

CeraVe Psoriasis Skin Therapy Hydrating Cream was developed in collaboration with dermatologists to alleviate psoriatic skin symptoms while moisturising and rebuilding the protective skin barrier. It eliminates scales and dead skin cells and aids in the restoration of necessary moisture, all while assisting in the prevention of recurrence of psoriasis symptoms.

Get a Peaceful Sleep with Eucerin Itch Relief Treatment for the Skin, The Perfect Remedy for those Night-Time Itches!

This fragrance-free lotion is formulated with cooling menthol and soothing oatmeal to help alleviate and settle itching. Although it was not designed for individuals with psoriasis, its capacity to assist in relieving night-time itching as the producer states, may appeal to those with psoriasis who are all too familiar with this condition.

MG217 Salicylic Acid Medicated Cream – Exclusive for Sufferers of Psoriasis!

This is another lotion designed exclusively for psoriasis sufferers. This salicylic acid-infused moisturiser is designed to be used in conjunction with MG17’s Coal Tar Ointment. Salicylic acid aids in loosening and removing scales, whereas coal tar aids in slowing the formation of skin cells.

Moisture Wrap Body Lotion by Neutrogena – A Brand Name You Can trust!

Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Body Lotion quenches parched skin with a potent blend of moisturising chemicals that penetrate deep into the epidermis. Users of this cream have reported relief during the day and night, making it a 24hr treatment that can be depended on by the most hardened sufferers of Psoriasis.

Choose Your Skin Cream Lotion with Care, Decide What Treatment is Best for You and Your Condition Before You Buy.

While lotions and creams are not a replacement for the therapy your health care provider advises for your psoriasis, they may help alleviate some of the disease’s symptoms, such as itching and peeling.

Keep in mind that not all lotions are made equal. Numerous products include chemicals, scents, and colours that may irritate your skin; thus, please pick carefully. For example, essential oils, which are used to scent a variety of face and body products, even ones developed for sensitive skin might irritate the skin of certain individuals.

Lifestyle Changes with the Right Creams or Lotions Can Be of Great Benefit when Living with Psoriasis!

Many individuals prone to psoriasis may go years without symptoms until the condition is triggered by an environmental event. The following are common psoriasis triggers and can be combatted by changes in your lifestyle whilst being relieved by prescribed creams and lotions.

  • Seek Medical Help, when Strep throat and skin infections occur.
  • Adjust Your Climate, particularly cold and dry conditions
  • Lookout For, Skin injury, such as a cut or scrape, a bite from an insect, or a severe sunburn
  • Reduce Your Anxiety Levels, Stress is a Major trigger for Psoriasis.
  • Quit Today! Smoking and passive smoke exposure
  • Reduce Your Alcohol Intake, Alcoholism can worsen your condition.
  • Avoid Certain medicines, such as those containing lithium, antihypertensive medications, and antimalarial medications
  • Refrain From, the abrupt cessation of oral or systemic corticosteroids

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