Personal Training Programs

Personal training programs are programs aimed at helping individuals effectively achieve health and physical fitness goals. These programs enable individuals to undergo customized fitness and training programs that have been modified to suit their specific fitness needs and ensure improved physical and healthy fitness.

The importance of personal training programs cannot be overemphasized because it saves a lot of time and other resources for an individual who intends to achieve improved body fitness.

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Undergoing fitness exercise without a program in place given by a professional trainer is like going on a wild goose chase.

Although in this case, little results or improvement may be attained if an individual undergoes personal training programs and adheres to the customized instructions given by a personal trainer.

Such individuals will achieve more results and improvement than other individuals who have no forms of training program to work on.

Some of the Best Virtual Personal Trainers are:


FiiTis a subscription-based personal training app where individuals are guided by certified trainers on which exercises to improve their physical fitness.

FiiT has several categories of personal training programs, some of which are; muscle building, weight loss, post-pregnancy fitness, and mental fitness (mind and body).

The platform also offers a progress tracking element for clients to track their level of progress and improvement.


Keelo is a virtual personal trainer which runs on both iOS and Android devices with a monthly subscription of $13. Individuals are offered training programs on strength and conditioning exercises programmed specifically for different fitness goals.

It enhances tracking of strength ratios, burnt calories, and nutrition macros. Keelo also offers in-depth coaching videos and instruction led by certified trainers and fitness experts.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a health fitness company that offers subscription-based fitness programs for individuals who want to undergo personal training programs.

The platform gives specific training programs according to the fitness goals, needs of clients and also allows the clients to select multiple individual workouts to supplement their fitness routines.

Daily burn offers a wide variety of programs namely; body weight, barre harmony, 10-minute tone, power cardio, summer abs challenge, and yoga fundamentals.


Trainerize is another virtual trainer which enables trainers to easily connect with clients and guide them through all the different phases of workouts as selected according to the client’s fitness goals.

Trainerize is regarded as the leading fitness app which allows anyone access to training plans, meal plans, tracking of body, and progress stat which are customized by certified personal trainers.

Alo Moves

Alo Moves is a home workout platform that can be streamed anywhere at any time, the service gives people access to yoga, mindfulness, fitness, and skill training classes led by experienced and certified personal trainers.

There are over 1,000 plus workout sessions for clients to choose from across all classes.


Trainiac is a digital fitness service that offers coaching on training programs for individuals to achieve fitness and health goals.

Trainiac gives room for its clients to select a trainer from the list of professional trainers. The service also helps clients to set realistic goals according to their present health condition, current habits, and fitness routine.

Tips for Hiring a Certified Personal Trainer Online

Be clear and precise on what you intend to achieve.
It is essential to have clarity on what fitness goals to achieve and narrow down the search to a trainer whose specialty, skill-sets, and area of expertise are built upon those goals.

Research The Trainer
When hiring a professional trainer, online individuals should do a background check or research and get as much information as possible on a personal trainer before hiring. Prospective trainees must make sure that the trainer is qualified, certified, and has good reviews from previous clients.

Following the above tips is not just enough when hiring a personal trainer, professional personal trainers have some features or characteristics that distinguish them from other trainers.

Some of Those Features That Distinguish The Best Trainers From The Rest are:

A very important feature for a personal trainer to be categorized as a professional in education, a trainer must possess academic qualification and certification from one of the recognized fitness schools or institutions that offer fitness-based courses.
Another quality of a good personal trainer is the ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and guide clients to understand. The clarity in communication between a trainer and the client is very important to help clients achieve their goals.

There are areas during training sessions that inexperienced trainers may fail to concentrate on, a professional trainer never makes those mistakes due to the experience acquired working with other clients over the years.

This is one other quality that professional trainers possess. Professional trainers always have a good record of achievement with past clients. A trainer who has no such record or results, achievement, testimonials, success stories, and references cannot be regarded as a professional.

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