Albert, What Are The Best Mattresses To Treat Back Pain?

After a long day of work, the body tends to get stressed. Sleep is the best remedy to this stress. Sleep, being the best stress remedy however it depends on the type of mattress you use. It becomes even worse for individuals suffering from back pains.

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The impact low-quality mattresses have on individuals with back pain could be frustrating every morning. This is primarily because low-quality mattresses do not support the spine of the individual. Although uneven alignment is also one of the factors that worsen back pain.

Most people take these factors the define a low-quality mattress for granted. Instead, they believe pain-relieving pills are enough to ease the pain. Meanwhile, it is not always the case because you can not cure pain by exposing yourself to pain. Never! You will need to balance everything out and sleeping in a high-quality mattress appears to be part of it.

Therefore, to avoid or reduce your back pains, you should go for high-quality mattresses. These mattresses will provide your spine with the best support it needs. In addition to this, they are known to create even alignment to your body. Hence, you will wake up the following morning without severe back pains.

How To Find A High-quality Mattress

“How do I get a high-quality mattress? How do I know if it is actually the best Mattress for my back pains?” These questions appear simple but are tough to answer. No one can predict or tell how supportive a mattress is to your spine by merely looking at it. At the same time, you can not predict its “even alignment” property from its structure. To find out about these factors, the mattress must be put to test.

To come up with the best list, people with different body types and sleeping postures were considered. This is primarily to identify the type of mattresses suitable for different people in terms of comfort.

To protect people with back pains from purchasing mattresses that would deteriorate their pain, we considered these factors. The best Mattresses fit for those with back pains include the following:

– Helix Midnight Luxe
– Saatva Classic
– Nectar Mattress
– WinkBed
– Layla Hybrid

Helix Midnight Luxe
Helix Midnight Luxe is popular for its spine supportive designs. This mattress is not designed for a specific individual with a particular sleeping position. Instead, it is designed with firmness suitable for people with different body sizes and sleep positions.

Features of Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is made up of distinctive features to provide you with comfort. By providing comfort they alleviate your back pains. These features include the pocketed coil, zone coil system, and Tenchel cover.

The pocket coil acts as a support core for your spine and also helps the mattress regulate temperature. It does this by allowing the circulation of air in the mattress. The perimeter of the mattress is kept in place with any form of sinkage by the zone coil system. Ultimately, the moisture from your body is removed by the Tenchel cover.

Saatva Classic
Saatva Classic mattress is designed with high-quality materials that make it suitable for people with back pains. This is primarily because of the double layer of coil it is made up of. The double lay coil gives this mattress a spring-like property to avoid sinkage that may worsen your back pain.
Furthermore, They also offer firmness of three different types. This makes it suitable for people with different sleep positions.

Nectar Mattress
Generally, Nectar Mattresses are designed with three separate layers of memory foam suitable for people with back pains. It also has contouring properties and medium firmness within the three layers. These properties help relieve the back pain of people with different sleep positions.

WinkBed is an incredible hybrid mattress with core-on-core designs that helps in relieving back pains. The pocket coils which function as a support core are arranged in layers, to hold up the heavier parts of the body.
In addition to this, WinkBed mattresses are available in different firmness to suit people’s choices. The different firmness is primarily made to fit people with different body types and sleeping postures.

Layla Hybrid
Layla Hybrid mattresses are famous for their flippable designs that provide one with the option to choose from either side. A part is a firm while the other part is medium-soft; hence they are fit for people with different levels of back pains.

Although most mattresses make use of pocket coils for their support cores, it is different in the Layla hybrid. Instead, Layla mattresses are made up of zoned polyform translational layers that help support the heavier parts of the body. They also align the spine of individuals irrespective of their sizes and sleeping postures.


Living with back pains could be frustrating. Meanwhile, nothing is more frustrating than sleeping on a low-quality mattress with back pains. The back pain is prone to deterioration if you sleep on low-quality mattresses. However, there are several types of high-quality mattresses that relieve back pains. Every morning would be a joyful one for you if you purchase the mattresses listed above.

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