The Best Remote Jobs Suited For Seniors

Land Yourself a Remote Job Today, Create Your Own Schedule and Enjoy More Time With Loved Ones Whilst Earning a Great Income!

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Seniors are ditching their 9-5 jobs in favour of work at home positions. With the recent pandemic turning traditional working practice on its head. Hybrid and work at home models have become the norm.

Remote Positions are a plenty in today’s market with companies crying out for Data Input Specialists, Content Writers and many other roles. Landing a remote job not only lets you work to your own schedule but frees up a work life balance also. This allows you to spend more time with your loved ones or an a particular hobby, whilst making an income.

Remote Jobs aimed at seniors means that they are placing a certain amount of trust, that you can work unsupervised and still be productive. So long as you have an internet connection, a lap top and a smartphone you are generally good to go. Take a look at some of these fantastic remote jobs, ideal for seniors who want to work from the comfort of home whilst making a great salary!

Apply for A Job as a Customer Service Representative, No Prior Experience Needed!

You’ll need an up-to-date computer, a high-speed internet connection, a dedicated landline phone during business hours, a telephone headset, and a quiet workspace. In general, you’ll be answering phones, taking new orders, and tracking existing ones. In some cases, you’ll be troubleshooting and providing technical support. Email and online chat sessions may be required as part of the job.

You’ll need to be able to seamlessly switch between multiple computer screen windows at the same time. Employers frequently provide paid training sessions. To avoid distraction, solitary work necessitates a healthy dose of “get up and go” and discipline. Also, don’t skimp on a comfortable, ergonomically sound chair and headset. Remember that if you’re an independent contractor, your earnings are tax-deductible.

Employers such as Hilton Hotels, American Airlines, and may hire directly. Other industries use third-party companies to find home-based workers. Virtual call centre operators besides Sykes include Convergys, LiveOps, Arise, and Working Solutions.

The hours are flexible, with full-time, part-time, and split shifts available. Employers may require a minimum of 20 hours per week, plus weekend shifts.

Average Hourly Wage and Benefits:

Customer Service Representatives earn an hourly wage of $15.25 on average. Some companies offer health, vision, and dental benefits, as well as access to group plan rates.

Begin A Job as an Online Tutor, Choose Your Hours and Teach Privately To Hundreds Of Eager Students Nationwide.

Private online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular in the ultra-competitive march to college admissions. The core curriculum subjects in high demand are world history, physics, science, math, and English. Foreign language specialities are also on the rise. And assistance with standardised test preparation, such as the SAT, GED, and GRE, is always in high demand.

An online employer, such as, which provides one-on-one assistance to students, is set up so that when a student books a lesson, the appropriate tutor (the company has over 3,000 on board) connects with the student inside the secure online classroom. The student and tutor can communicate via instant messaging, draw problems on an interactive whiteboard, share a file to review essays and papers, and browse online resources together.

Average Hourly Wage and Benefits:

The hourly rate for an online tutor varies. The hourly rate ranges from $10 to $55, depending on experience, subject tutored, company, and grade level. Part-time private English tutors typically earn around $20 per hour.

Writers, Editors, Copywriters, Proof-readers and Content Writers are in High demand!

To work as a successful Content Writer you must understand sentence and paragraph structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Copy editing and proofreading jobs, as well as résumé writing and technical editing, are available. If you have expertise in a specific field or genre, that will help you open doors.

For a variety of postings for part-time writing and editing jobs, copy editors, proof-readers, and writers there a plenty of websites like Indeed or LinkedIn to search on where you are guaranteed to find something that suits your skill sets. You could also approach local associations and organisations, community newsletters, and other regional publications for more general writing gigs. Inquire if they require an extra pair of hands on an as-needed basis for online and print articles, brochures, and press releases.

Average Hourly Wage and Benefits:

Pay for writers and editors varies greatly depending on the type of writing, location, and experience. the average hourly wage is $30. Some jobs are billed by the hour or you may be compensated by project, word count, or even the number of visitors to an online article.

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