The Best Free Online Marketing Courses in 2024

Marketing is a Fast Growing Sector with Digital Media Courses Just a Click Away!

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Digital Marketing was once seen as an elite skill for a specialist group of professional, s. This is no longer the case. Digital is so intertwined with marketing in general, it’s almost impossible to separate them.

Marketing Courses are perfect for starting a career in. As anyone who has ever been online knows only too well, digital marketing is everywhere. From search engines and social media to mobile apps and advertising, every organization uses Digital Marketing in one way or another to promote brand awareness, build networks and engage in PR campaign tailored to their customers.

Singaporeans, thanks to the internet, can take a multitude of on line courses in Marketing. In fact it is one of the fastest growing professions. Many have already switched to a rewarding career in this growing sector and they are choosing Digital Marketing Jobs above all others. Look at this fantastic list of courses and get you Marketing Career off to a flying start!

Google Skillshop – Get Certified in Digital Marketing Skills that Really Matter!

A digital marketer’s job entails more than just placing advertising on social media networks. Professional digital marketers must also examine the possible audience that may be found on the online browser. To rank the site, you must be well-versed in keyword research and Google paid advertising.

Google Skillshop is an innovative online education platform that was created by Google. You will be able to access several sorts of applications that have been specifically intended for novices here. This platform offers five different kinds of free certification course programmes.

These courses will teach you the fundamentals of Google AdSense’s various advertising services. Varied sorts of goods and services need different advertising methods, and students will be unable to identify the correct strategy to advertise the right product to the suitable audience unless they have a solid understanding of the subject.

This program’s average course duration is roughly 4 hours. Students are free to finish the courses at their own pace. You will, however, be required to take an exam after you have finished their course. If you pass the exam, you will get a certificate from Google Skillshop.

This course is a must if you are considering starting your own online business, as it will allow you to maximise your marketing strategy, whilst at the same time increasing much needed traffic to your website.

Join this Free Taster Course into More Advanced Digital Marketing With HubSpot.

The Content Marketing course from HubSpot is designed for young marketing professionals, content creators, and inbound experts. This is a popular taster course that anybody interested in Digital Content may finish in a few of days. The course is little over six hours long and divided into 12 courses, including 54 videos and 11 quizzes.

The course offers content production frameworks for continuously generating good content, becoming a better content marketer, and developing and reusing material for SEO optimization. This course is suitable for young novices who want to get a head start on more sophisticated Digital Marketing degrees.

  • Creating content concepts
  • Blogging
  • Developing effective video marketing methods
  • Learn at your own pace

Take a Blueprint Certification From the Leading Social Media Platform – Facebook and Hone Your Skills in Digital Marketing.

Facebook Blueprint Certification examinations provide certificates to candidates who demonstrate advanced-level skill in several facets of digital marketing using Facebook products. There are free, self-paced courses available on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp that teach marketing abilities.

No matter whether you are a small company, millennial switching careers, or a young entrepreneur, there are several programmes available. Then, based on your area of expertise, you may select from nine different examinations to take. You may also want to do more than one.

  • A wide range of course subjects to pick from.
  • Those looking for intermediate to advanced knowledge can benefit from this course.
  • You may learn at your own speed.

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Singaporeans Can Enrol in This Accredited Course Today and Boost Your Career.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University have both accredited this course. The 26 courses are jam-packed with hands-on activities and real-world situations. Professional Google trainers produced all modules. The lessons are short movies ranging in length from 15 minutes to an hour and include subjects such as:

  • Creating a web presence
  • Making plans for an internet company approach
  • Utilizing search engines
  • The SEO procedure
  • Getting noticed with search advertisements
  • Boosting your search campaign
  • Getting noticed in your community

Among the topics covered in the course are email marketing, content marketing, company strategy, eCommerce, SEM, SEO, and social media. You may complete the courses at your own speed and at your own time. To get certified, you must pass a 40-question final test

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