Best Free Business Courses to Learn High-Demand Skills in 2023

Join an Online Business Course and Learn a High Demand Skill For Free with Rewards Like High Salaries, Job Security and Many Other Benefits!

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Free Business Courses dedicated to High Demand Skills such as Data Science, Cyber Security, AI and Machine Learning to name just a few of the many fields you can choose to study in, are your perfect route to a long stable career. Furthermore, these skills can prove to be well paid for, earning you six figure sums in some areas.

A High Demand Skill such as a Data Scientist with Python can earn you a very handsome Average Yearly Salary of between $83K – $154K! With 46% of jobs requiring Python in the Data Science field, you will not find it hard climbing that ladder to a prosperous future after you have obtained the necessary industry credentials.

Leading firms like Microsoft, Oracle and Accenture are always on the lookout for people with the most sought-after talents and competencies. While there are several talents (technical and non-technical) that people must possess in order to get high-paying employment and a long lasting career, these characteristics also have a hierarchy of importance. Certain abilities are more in demand than others by companies both National and International. Take a look at this great selection of free courses and fast track your way to a great career.

Data Science with Python – Study Now for a Bright and Stable Future in a Leading International Company.

Before enrolling in this Data Science with Python programme, students should have a working knowledge of fundamental mathematical topics such as statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and probability. Additionally, knowledge of any programming language is advantageous.

This Data Science with Python training teaches participants how to use data analytics tools and methodologies effectively. Beginning with Python, it will assist you in developing skills in data analysis, visualisation, NumPy, SciPy, web scraping, and natural language processing. This programme is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in pursuing a future as a Data Scientist. This is a Free Course, like all the others listed here organised by a trusted partner Simplilearn and comes with certification that most major companies accept.

  • Average Yearly Salary of Between $83K – $154K

  • 46% of Jobs Require Python in the Data Science field

  • Microsoft, Oracle and Accenture – Major Hiring Companies

Introduction to Cloud Security – Develop Your Skills in Cyber Security with this Free Course.

Cloud computing may be an unfamiliar concept to you. To begin your cloud security studies, it is critical to study from reputable sources. Simplilearn offers several articles and YouTube videos on cloud computing and other related ideas to assist newcomers in quickly grasping the principles of cloud security prior to enrolling in our Fundamentals of Cloud Security programme.

Cloud Security Fundamentals presents an overview of information security concerns and identifies the most effective data security techniques. By mastering the foundations of cloud security, you can identify and mitigate threats to your cloud storage system. This cloud security fundamentals c
ourse is suitable for anybody interested in pursuing a career in cloud security, certified and free with Simplilearn.

  • Average Yearly Salary of Between $80K – $167K

  • $120 Billion Expected Growth in 2022

  • IBM, Oracle, Wells Fargo – Major Hiring Companies

Machine Learning Basics – Learn What Drives the Intelligence Behind Digital Processes.

The Machine Learning fundamentals curriculum is intended to provide machine learning engineers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence professionals with a strong foundation and job-ready abilities. Develop practical skills in data preparation, time series analysis, text mining, and supervised and unsupervised learning.

Machine learning is used in search engines, email filters that filter out spam, websites that provide personalised suggestions, banking software that detects suspicious transactions, and a variety of applications on mobile phones, including voice recognition. The curriculum is suitable for anybody interested in studying about machine learning and boosting their In Demand skills. This free course is ran by Simplilearn and is certified.

  • $8.81 Billion expected Machine Learning market growth by 2023

  • Average Yearly Salary of Between $83K – $154K

  • Accenture, Oracle, Microsoft – Major Hiring Companies

Agile Scrum Foundations for Basic learning – Get Your Foot on The Ladder with This High Demand Skill for Dev Ops.

Before enrolling in this course, learners interested in studying Agile Scrum Foundation need no previous experience or understanding of technology. However, the training is geared at Scrum Masters and Agile enthusiasts who are responsible for the effective implementation or implementation of Agile and Scrum in a project or company.

Simplilearn’s Agile Scrum Fundamentals course is not only free but EXIN-accredited. With this fantastic course you will enhance your understanding of Agile techniques and Scrum practises in order to effectively deliver projects by breaking them down into phases. You should be able to design and deliver high-quality products, as well as effectively use Scrum concepts on the job, after completing this programme.

  • 40% Growth in 2022 in Dev Ops

  • Average Yearly Salary of Between $78K – $132K

  • Amdocs, AIRBUS, Accenture – Major Hiring Companies

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