Update As of May 22, 2024


This Medicare Plan Could Boost Your Social Security Check By Up To $1,782/Year ($148/Month)*

By Ask Albert Team

If you’re on Medicare, a unique Part B “Giveback” benefit could raise your Social Security payment by up to $1,782 per year ($148.50/per month). many people might benefit from such a plan, but most are unaware it exists.

However, a new online service is attempting to change that and assist persons on Medicare in determining if they are taking full advantage of their benefits. Anyone who isn’t utilizing this benefit may choose their age below to discover what plans and perks are accessible in their region.

It costs nothing to examine, and it only takes a few minutes, so it’s well worth your time. To learn if you qualify for a plan with the Medicare Part B give-back program, pick your age below.

Select Your Age

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*Depending on your state and other factors, you may be eligible for up to $148.50 of your Medicare Part B Premium to be covered. The savings can be added back to your Social Security benefits and therefore increase the monthly amount you normally get by up to $148.50.

You may have to switch your Medicare plan and enroll in a new plan to take advantage of this benefit.

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