Update As of June 19, 2024

ENROLLMENT UPDATE: Seniors who are age 64 and older are now eligible for special Medicare benefits

Benefits are not automatically added you must Register to claim your benefit

Americans Seniors: Open enrollment has officially begun and there’s a new Medicare Policy that may cover 100% of co-pays and deductibles. Check if you qualify for a policy in just 60 seconds.

Every senior aged 64 and older must be aware of this fact.

Original Medicare was created to be a minimum level of insurance. Patients may face huge out-of-pocket medical expenses for treatment which is not covered like:

  • ➡️Hospital Visits (Copays & Deductibles)
  • ➡️Doctor Visits (Copays & Deductibles)
  • ➡️Preventative Care (Copays & Deductibles)
  • ➡️Prescription drugs
  • ➡️Dental
  • ➡️Vision
  • ➡️Hearing

The yearly Out-of-Pocket Costs for people in Good Health in 2020 was estimated at $7,850 by the official government site for Medicare, and costs are anticipated to rise in 2021.

How to Get Protected From Out-of-Pocket Costs?

The yearly Out-of-Pocket Costs for people in Good Health in 2020, according to the official government site for Medicare, was $7,850. Prescription drug costs have also grown every year, and this new benefit program has been demonstrated to save Americans $782 per year just on medicines.

In Order To Check Your Eligibility For The New Medicare
Benefits Select Your Age Below:

* Benefits Can Be Vary Between Different Areas

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*Depending on your state and other factors, you may be eligible for up to $148.50 of your Medicare Part B Premium to be covered. The savings can be added back to your Social Security benefits and therefore increase the monthly amount you normally get by up to $148.50.

You may have to switch your Medicare plan and enroll in a new plan to take advantage of this benefit.

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Open Enrollment: Qualify for Additional Approved Medicare Benefits!