Albert, How To Get A Good Deal On A Car Lease?

The process involved in leasing a car most times appears simple. Whereby everyone feels they can just walk into a car dealership office and get a suitable offer. Meanwhile, this is not always the case because there are chances you would make a costly mistake.

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These mistakes could cost you more than the agreed fees. Not having gap insurance, exceeding the warranty period, and underestimating mileage are possible mistakes. Meanwhile, one of the mistakes that define how good your deal may be is—price negotiation.

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No one desires to have a bad deal by making avoidable mistakes. You may be thinking leasing a car is meant for the veterans alone. It is however not so because the terminologies involved in car leasing could confuse anyone. This confusion has to do with finding the part of the deal that is negotiable.

Why Should I Get Involved In The Process Of Leasing A Car?

There is no particular reason to describe why you should lease a car or not. Meanwhile, it is one of the best and most common ways of financing a car. Almost five of ten cars leaving the dealership are leased—to show you how popular it is. As said earlier, there is not a specific reason to leasing a car. It all depends on your lifestyle and requirements.

However, if you decide to leave a car after considering your needs and lifestyle, a good deal is what you will seek. To be a beneficiary of the best deals is not an easy task in today’s market filled with greedy dealerships. You can however get the best deals in the leasing of a car by considering various factors. These factors are more like steps to guide you through the process of attaining the best deals.
These steps include the following:
Selecting cars that retain their value until your lease expires
– Check leasing specials
– Negotiate the price
– Compare the quotes of various dealers
– Choose the best offer
– Request lease payments
– Close the deal

Selecting cars that retain their value until your lease expires
You are not only paying for the taxes and interests when it comes to leasing a car. Your monthly payments would also include the cost of the car depreciation. This depreciation is the factor that has the greatest influence on your monthly payments. That is to say, you will be charged less when the value of the leased car depreciates less.

Therefore, you can lower or mitigate the cost you will be charged by paying attention to the car’s level of depreciation. You can go through many car magazines and websites to find cars with fixed values.

Check leasing specials
Generally, this occurs whenever a particular car is spending more time in the manufacturer’s firm. To sell the car before it depreciates in value the manufacturer would advertise a leasing special offer. This offer would alter the leasing formula by reducing the standard interest rate. This will however lead to lower monthly payments.

To be rest assured that it is a good deal, you should check the mileage they offer. Make sure the mileage is not lower than 20,000 miles and the upfront payments are not large. You will be guaranteed a good deal if you keep this in check.

Negotiate the price
Negotiating the cost of leasing a car is one of the important parts of choosing the best deal. You however have to be enlightened about the market value of the car. You can find out about the invoice price of the car of your choice by using pricing websites. These pricing websites include Kelly Blue Book, National Automobile Dealer Association, and

The invoice you get by using any of these pricing websites is the estimated amount of the car. By knowing this, you would be able to bargain reasonably.

Compare the quotes of various dealers
Once you have found the estimated cost of your preferred car, source for several dealers and compare their quotes. Find out if they have the particular car in stock and ask for their sale price. Meanwhile, do not let them know about your purpose—which is to lease the car. Instead, act like you want to buy the car by asking only for the sale price.

Choose the best offer
Once you have compared the quotes of different dealers, you would be aware of the most affordable price. In some cases, a higher cost may be better than a lower cost due to the upgraded features the car offers. Meanwhile, comparing the dealers’ price to the invoice is the best way to find a great deal.

Request lease payments
Now you can patronize the dealer that offers the suitable price. Speak to the salesperson that gave you the quote that you want lease the car. Then you will be given the lease payments in accordance with the sale price of the car.

Close the deal
Once you find out that the monthly payment suits your budget, you can close the deal. Meanwhile, make sure you confirm that your contract matches the agreement you had in sales price and mileage. Then you can go ahead to fill and sign the documents together with the payment of their upfront fees.

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