The Best Internet Deals For Seniors

Stay in contact with family and friends by choosing an Internet Plan that is tailored to your specific requirements. Senior NBN Internet deals to fit your budget!

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The internet is a useful resource for the elderly. It enables you to remain secure, pay bills, buy groceries, and manage your finances without leaving your house. It’s also a terrific method to stay in touch with friends and family, especially during a pandemic. Fortunately, there are various NBN (National Broadband Network) internet plans and rates designed just for seniors, with fast and dependable connections and the most cutting-edge technology available on the Australian market installed for free with some contracts.

Free Modem with Internet Plans for Telstra's NBN for Seniors

Seniors and retirees may get a reasonable price with Telstra NBN, particularly if they choose an NBN plan with a landline. All Telstra NBN plans include unlimited local, national, and mobile calls, as well as calls to 13/1300 lines. Furthermore, if you continue with Telstra NBN for 24 months, your modem (worth $216) is free. However, if you cancel your plan before that date, you must pay the remaining fee ($9 x months left).

  • Included are unlimited calls to Australian lines.

  • If you remain connected for 24 months, you will get a free modem worth ($216).

  • The $99 connection charge is waived.

  • All plans include unlimited data.

  • Telstra is simple to reach.

Get a free landline in your Plan for Optus NBN for Seniors

Optus NBN plans for seniors are not available, as they are with Telstra. Optus NBN plans begin at $79 per month with unlimited bandwidth and include a modem provided you stay connected for 36 months ($7 x months remaining if you quit before 36 months).

Here you can locate the best and cheapest Optus NBN plans for retirees that are basic and don’t come with all the complicated bells and whistles. You may also save money on your phone bills by using Optus for your landline.

  • Phone Lite ($0/month PAYG): If you don’t make many calls on your landline, this service is ideal since you just pay for what you use.

  • Everyday Phone ($10/month): Unlimited conventional local, national, and Australian mobile calls.

  • Unlimited international calls to landlines in 25 countries and mobile phones in 7 countries with World Saver Ultimate ($10/month).

NBN plans for Seniors in Australia starting at just $50 a month!

Aussie Broadband provides three no-contract NBN options for seniors and retirees over the age of 60 that include bundled home internet and a landline for as low as $50 per month. Aussie Broadband NBN options for seniors provide you the option of unlimited data or unlimited calls to Australian numbers and do not include all of the complex add-ons that other broadband plans include.

Aussie Broadband boasts the lowest NBN plans for retirees as well as several alternative choices for individuals over 60. Included in these options are no contract broadband plans which allow you to quit your current plan or internet provider at any moment to discover a better plan without incurring a penalty cost. However remember that the price of the modem might not be waived on such a contract.

  • Data capacity on the NBN is 12 terabytes (TB).

  • Pay-as-you-go calls at 12Mbps

  • $50 per month

  • Excellent for social media and email.

No Contract Budget-Friendly NBN Plans for Seniors with Flip

Flip, an ISP, provides two NBN options for seniors that give up to an 11% reduction off their standard, already low-cost NBN rates.

With a no lock-in commitment, you may modify or transfer plans and providers anytime you want. All Flip NBN plans include unlimited data, so you can surf the web as much as you like and unlike other providers of no contract plans you don’t have to worry about getting cut off when you have reached your limit.. If you currently have an NBN modem, you may bring it with you or buy one from Flip for $129 + delivery.

  • NBN 12 11Mbps

  • $34 per month for the first six months then $39.90 per month after that

  • Excellent for social media and email.

Summary of the best Internet NBN Plans for Seniors

  • The cheapest NBN package for retirees is Flip Senior Value.
    $34.90 per month for the first six months

  • Seniors’ preferred NBN + home phone bundle
    Standard Speed from Telstra
    $80 per month

  • The most straightforward NBN plan for seniors
    Westnet Elders Card Package $39.99 / month

  • Best NBN plan for seniors with unlimited calls
    100GB Aussie Broadband + Unlimited Calls

  • Best high-speed NBN package for seniors for $60 per month
    Optus Internet Everyday Fast $89 per month for the first six months

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