Finding the Best Luxury Adjustable Beds With Mattresses in 2023

Adjustable beds with quality mattresses provide comfort and support. Here’s how to find the best luxury adjustable bed options in 2023.

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Research Top Adjustable Bed Brands and Features

With many brands offering adjustable beds, begin your search by thoroughly researching the top manufacturers. Leading companies like Leggett & Platt, Ergomotion, and Reverie are known for high-end adjustable bases with features like massage, zero gravity, USB ports, lighting, and adjustable leg height. Compare how flexible the head and foot positioning and anti-snore and preset positions can be. Quiet massage motors and natural materials like bamboo covers add luxury. Wireless and app control options allow easy adjustments from your phone. Reading detailed adjustable bed reviews helps identify the best brands and models to consider.

Dive deeper into the specific features and components. Look for adjustable beds with high-quality steel or aluminum frames for durability and strong, quiet motors, so you’re not disturbed when adjusting at night. Upholstery, stitching, and color options let you match your bedroom’s aesthetics. Under-bed LED mood lighting sets the tone for relaxation. Programmable and one-touch preset positions like zero gravity and anti-snore settings provide health benefits. Make sure to compare warranties, too, as more extended 10-20-year coverage indicates better quality components and confidence from the manufacturer.

Evaluate High-End Mattress Options

Along with the adjustable base, you’ll need a compatible high-end mattress. Avoid wire coil types and seek out beds with adjustable bases that flex well without sagging. Memory foam and latex are top options because they contour to the body’s curves, providing customized pressure relief and alignment in any base position. If considering memory foam, look for advanced features like copper infusion or gel layers to prevent overheating. Latex offers superb comfort, responsiveness, and breathability for adjustable bases.

Pocketed coil mattresses allow needed adjustability, too. For even more customization, look for a split king or dual XL size to enable independent adjustment on each side. This lets couples personalize their side’s firmness, head/foot positioning, and massage settings. Luxury mattress materials include organic Dunlop or Talalay latex, gel memory foams, pocket coils with foam or latex layers, and macrobiotic components for allergen protection. Try mattresses with latex and coil layers for ultimate cooling and breathability. The highest-end adjustable bed mattresses use these top-tier materials to provide years of customized comfort and support.

Comparison Shop Top Brands In-Store and Online

With complete research, compare options by testing models from high-end adjustable bed brands in-store. Try Reverie’s customized adjustment capabilities with head and foot tilt and lumbar support. Ergomotion bases offer massage, presets, wave motion, and other luxury features. European brands like Switzerland’s BEDOR or Germany’s RUF|Betten provide ultimate customization and handcrafted quality.

Also, try out leading American brands like Leggett & Platt or Craftmatic. Look for bases with solid and quiet motors, natural materials like bamboo covers, mood lighting, and easy app-based controls. Remember to evaluate mattress pairings in the ground to assess comfort and support in different reclined positions. Comparison shop brands in your budget to find the best combination of features, quality, warranties, and controls.

After trying adjustable bases and mattresses at local bedding stores, take advantage of online deals and promotions. Companies like Nest Bedding, PlushBeds, and Essentia sell quality latex mattresses directly to consumers online, often with significant discounts and free shipping. Pair one of their mattresses with an adjustable base from retailers like BedMatch that price match and offer free delivery to maximize potential savings. The best luxury adjustable bed deals require research across both in-store and online options.

Focus on Ideal Adjustable Bed Mattress Comfort and Support

While shopping, focus extensively on finding the mattress that provides ideal comfort and support paired with your chosen adjustable base. Test various mattress types in the fully inclined and reclined base positions to assess alignment and pressure relief. Latex mattresses from brands like Nest Bedding provide responsive contouring and breathability. Memory foam mattresses by Tempur-Pedic perfectly cradle your body. Try the Purple Gel Grid mattress or the coil-on-foam design from Saatva for cooling and comfort.

Analyze how your spine stays aligned and your weight is supported in different inclined positions. Any sagging or uncomfortableness indicates a poor mattress match. The highest quality mattresses made from natural, organic materials will exceed $2,000 for a king. But the investment pays off in years of luxurious, customizable comfort. Please don’t settle for a mattress unless it passes your testing when wholly inclined and reclined.

Also, consider dual firmness or split king mattresses if sharing the bed. This allows personalized adjustment and mattress comfort for each person. For couples, this customization ensures the adjustable bed meets both people’s needs, enabling compromise-free relaxation and alignment. Take advantage of this option when luxury and comfort are top priorities.


Finding your perfect adjustable bed and mattress requires meticulous research and testing. First, compare top adjustable base brands and features to understand key differentiators like massage settings, lighting, app controls, and enhanced adjustability. Extensively test out mattress types from high-end brands in fully reclined positions to ensure excellent back support and comfort at all angles. Shop online and in-person, using sales, promotions, and clearance deals to maximize potential savings off typical luxury price points. Consider split king or dual XL mattresses to allow truly personalized adjustment. With careful prioritization of your needs, feature research, and hands-on testing, you can confidently invest in a top-of-the-line adjustable bed setup that delivers years of luxurious comfort and customized relaxation. Settling for anything less will leave you wanting more.

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