Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Save on a Phone Plan tailored to Seniors and get huge discounts, with no long term contracts!

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With huge data phone plans and the hefty phone cost that comes with it, you’d assume elderly and retirees would be excluded from phone plan considerations in Australia. However, this isn’t always the case; there are numerous low-cost phone plans available, and some companies provide discounts to seniors and retirees.

If you haven’t looked at your phone plan in a while, you may be paying too much. Furthermore, if you have a Seniors card, you may be eligible for cheaper mobile service prices. Several of Australia’s largest mobile service providers offer senior discounts.

Here there is a focus on 2 types of plans that cater for the lifestyle of seniors to give them the tools they need to satay in touch with their loved ones, navigate or roam abroad and stay safe with applications dedicated to their health and well-being. These are what are known as Postpaid phone plans and Pay as you go plans or ‘PAYG’ for short, which are not only the cheapest option for Seniors, but also the best in contract length terms.

Get a Postpaid deal for as little as $10 per month, with 2GB of data thrown in!

Postpaid phone plans are the way to go if you like to pay a bill at the end of the month rather than recharging and monitoring your use. The only thing to keep an eye out for is going over your data limits, since you’ll almost certainly get charged for exceeding your data allowance. Some telecoms, however, do not charge for extra data, thus they will either block or delay your bandwidth until the next payment period unless you buy a data top up.

Moose Mobile and Dodo

When it comes to low-cost postpaid phone contracts, Moose Mobile has caused quite a stir. This tiny carrier on the Optus network is renowned for periodically giving bargains for its low-cost phone contracts as low as 1c for the first month. Excess data is calculated in KB increments.

Dodo provides a basic suite of three postpaid plans that use the Optus mobile network, with the lowest plan costing $10 and including 2GB of data. All plans are month-to-month, with certain plans including international call inclusions. Dodo charges $5 per additional GB of data if you go over your bundled data allotment.

Southern Phone and Woolworths

Southern Phone provides a variety of plans on the Optus network in order to give excellent service and choice to rural Australia. Postpaid plans are offered on a month-to-month basis, with certain plans including additional international call inclusions. Excess data is charged in GB increments under Southern Phone’s plans.

Woolworths Mobile provides prepaid and postpaid plans on the Telstra network, as well as plans that come with new phones. The only variation between the three alternatives is the billing month, which affects the plan costs and features. All plans include unlimited standard national talk and text. Excess data is not charged, therefore you’ll need to buy a separate data add-on to get extra data.

Get some amazing deals on minute, texts and data bundles, save up to 20% today!

If you’re not a heavy user and don’t want to recharge every month, it might be tempting to sign up for a plan with a lengthy expiration date, sometimes known as a ‘pay as you go’ or ‘PAYG’ plan. These plans often do not expire for 60 days or more, with some even lasting a year. This allows you to add credit as you see fit, with low-cost packages available. Not only do these plans fit Senior needs, they often come with great discount offers as the companies compete throughout the year to offer the best bundles.

Amaysim and ALDI

Amaysim offers a 365-day beginning plan for $10, including calls at 15c/minute, messages at 15c apiece, MMS at 49c, and data at 15.4c/MB.

ALDI Mobile offers a competitive plan that is also valid for a full year. Recharges of $15 or $30 are available. Calls are 12 cents per minute, SMS are 12 cents each, MMS are 35 cents each, and data is 5 cents per megabyte.

Optus and Vodafone

Optus offers lengthy expiration plans beginning at $10 for a period of 45 days. Plans may then be extended for up to 365 days. Credit rollover is available up to $500. Calls are 25 cents per minute, messages and MMS are 25 cents apiece, and data is 5 cents per megabyte.

Vodafone offers 180-day and 365-day plans with pay-as-you-go pricing for calls, messages, and data: calls are 20c/minute, texts are 20c/text, and data is 4c/megabyte. Seniors card holders can claim a 10% discount on select Vodafone’s plans. Visit their website to find out which plans are currently eligible for a discount.

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