Best Car Insurance Deals in Australia 2022

Choose An Affordable Car Insurance Policy that Rewards Australians For Being a Careful and Responsible Driver without Paying High Premiums.

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Finding the Best Car Insurance Policy for your needs at an affordable price can be frustrating and challenging. If you are not an expert in vehicle insurance you’ll want to compare a few offers that suit your needs. If you do know about Car Insurance then you’ll understand the huge savings you might make if you switch to another provider.

Switching to a new Insurance Provider for your existing or new set of wheels is not only advisable when you are ending an old policy, it is also a good idea if you are not happy with the terms you already have, even if the policy still has some time to go.

Many Car Insurance providers now offer a multitude of discounts and benefits to wet your appetite. These range from sizeable discounts if you buy Online, to boosted No Claims Discounts and 24hr Roadside Assistance. Look at this selection of fantastic offers for Car Insurance Policies on the Australian market today and bag yourself a great deal.

Huddle – Comprehensive Car Insurance Made Simple At Affordable Prices!

  • Pay-per-km policy option
  • 24/7 online claims and policy management

Huddle has a slew of cost-cutting features. For instance, if you travel less than 15,000 kilometres per year, Huddle gives up to a 30% savings on annual costs. In 2021, this adaptable insurance was recognised with a specialised award in the field of Exceptional Value Senior Driver Insurance.

It covers up to $500 in personal items and up to $1,000 in lock and key replacement costs. Additionally, if you are more than 200 kilometres from home, there is a $500 reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses after an accident, as well as fair priced towing. This is especially important for people that drive frequently in the work lives and provides peace of mind if you are stuck in the outback somewhere.

Choose A Youi Online Car Insurance Policy and Benefit from Total Protection at an Unbeatable Price!

  • New-for-old car replacement (within 2 years and 40,000km)
  • Emergency roadside assistance included

Youi’s coverage may give up to $1,000 in an emergency to pay damages without requiring an insurance evaluation, which can be used for housing and transport if you’re more than 100 kilometres from home. As usual, emergency roadside assistance is also offered. Youi provides new-for-old car replacement, and policyholders may use Youi’s rental car protection to get back on the road after a theft or no-fault collision for up to 14 days. This provider also won the award for Exceptional Value Senior Driver Insurance in 2021

Virgin Money – Money Saving Insurance, With a 15% Discount when You Apply Online!

  • Discount for no claims up to 15%
  • Automatic rental vehicle coverage in the event of theft or a non-fault accident

This insurance will take care of you in an emergency, covering up to $200 per day in travel and lodging expenses after an accident (a maximum of $1,000 in total), as well as $500 in emergency repairs to get you back on the road in the near term. Additionally, there is 14-day rental vehicle coverage up to a maximum cost of $1,000 after a theft or not-at-fault accident, this is an optional additional following at-fault incidents.

If you apply online, you can save 15% on your first year’s premium, and if you maintain a clean claims record, you can earn up to a 15% no claims discount. Virgin Money boasts one of the highest customer satisfaction rates for Car Insurance with additional savings on not just your Insurance but most Virgin Money products if you have a Virgin Credit Card.

Budget Direct – Comprehensive Car Insurance at a Discount, Protecting You and Your Property!

  • 15% discount on your first yearly premium when purchased online
  • Your repairer of choice

Budget Direct is a well known Australian brand that is well trusted for its no frills approach and professional service. The Gold Comprehensive Car Insurance policy covers up to $500 in personal property, another $500 for baby capsule coverage, and another $1,000 for car keys and locks replacement.

Budget Direct also offer a new-for-old car replacement service and the option to choose your own repairer following an insurable event. This can be really invaluable if you have your own trusted mechanic or have a car that needs special attention. Additionally, don’t forget the feel-good benefit of a 15% discount when purchasing the coverage online, this can really add up to huge savings if you factor in the 15% No Claims Discount that goes up considerably year on year if you are a really careful driver and don’t get into any serious scrapes.

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