How to Find the Most Affordable Prepaid Funeral Plans in Australia

Preplanning and prepaying for your funeral in Australia can ease the financial and emotional burden on loved ones. Here’s how to find the best-prepaid funeral plans.

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Understanding Average Funeral Costs in Your Area

The first step in preplanning your funeral arrangements is understanding the average funeral costs in your local area or region. Funeral prices in Australia can vary widely based on the city and services chosen. According to most sources:

  • In major metropolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, average funerals range from $7000 on the low to $12,000-$15,000 on the high end. High-end funerals with extensive services in these areas can exceed $20,000.
  • In smaller cities and regional areas, average funeral prices range from $4000 on the low end to $8000 for more elaborate services.
  • Direct cremations with no service start around $3000-$4000 nationwide.
  • Burial plots, headstones, and cemetery costs are additional expenses.

When researching prices, look for guides specific to your nearest major city or region. The government website provides a detailed funeral cost calculator you can customize with various service options to estimate location-specific costs.

Having a realistic idea of funeral pricing in your local area makes setting an appropriate prepaid funeral budget easier. Remember to account for future inflation. Costs may rise approximately 2-3% annually.

Comparing Prepaid Funeral Plans and Providers

With a budget and average costs in mind, you can start researching prepaid funeral plan providers available in your state or region. Some of the largest national providers include InvoCare, Colonial Funerals, Simplicity Funerals, and Signature Funerals. Local funeral homes may offer additional plans.

When comparing prepaid funeral plans, key factors to look at include:

  • Upfront payment amount required and payment options – Some plans allow payoff over 12-24 months.
  • Specific funeral services covered – Burial or cremation, funeral service, transport, catering, etc.
  • Ability to customize plans and add services like headstones.
  • Guarantee period protecting prices and services.
  • Whether the plan locks in set prices or provides a value contribution toward services. Value plans may lead to out-of-pocket costs at the time of need if prices rise.
  • Transferability of plans if you relocate to a new area. Some plans restrict use to certain funeral homes.
  • Any religious, age, health, or other restrictions to enroll.
  • Trust protections on funds paid in and who manages the account.
  • Company reputation, reviews, complaints, and longevity.

Reviewing plan details ensures you select the optimal prepaid funeral solution at the best value for your money.

Understanding Prepaid Funeral Plan Restrictions and Protecting Your Investment

Before purchasing any prepaid funeral plan, it is essential to thoroughly read and understand the contract outlining covered services, prices, guarantees, restrictions, and more. Key details to review include:

  • The guarantee period, which protects prices and services. Average guarantees are 15-20 years. Beyond the guarantee, added fees may apply.
  • Clarity on which services are guaranteed at set prices versus “value contributions” toward costs that may require additional payment later. 
  • Any requirements on the use of specific funeral homes. Understand transferability if you move.
  • Who holds the prepaid funds in trusts, such as funeral plan trustees or insurance companies? Research protection and security of your investment.
  • GST clarification. Prepaid funeral money should cover GST on services so no added tax burden falls on your family.  
  • Itemization of fees included for cremation/burial, transport, viewing, service officiants, catering, venue, flowers, and all desired components.

Before paying anything:

  1. Vet prepaid funeral plan providers through ASIC’s financial advice register and the Funeral Planning Council of Australia.
  2. Only use licensed, reputable companies.
  3. Carefully read all paperwork to confirm you are purchasing a legitimate prepaid funeral plan, not just an insurance policy or savings account.
  4. Keep detailed records documenting your plan ownership, contact info, services, and prices guaranteed.

Protecting your investment ensures prepaid funds fully cover future funeral costs as intended.

Securing Affordable Payment Plans

For many families, coming up with several thousand dollars for prepaid funeral costs can be difficult. Reputable providers offer payment plans to make prepurchasing funeral arrangements more affordable, including:

  • Interest-free installments – Make regular monthly payments over 12-24 months until the total amount is paid off.
  • Pay over plans – Pay an interest-free percentage, such as 30% upfront and the remainder over an agreed timeframe.
  • Funeral bonds – Payments into the funeral bond grow over time. At death, the total bonded amount goes toward funeral services.
  • Funeral insurance – Combination of minimal upfront payments for coverage plus ongoing premiums. Payout covers funeral at time of need.

When using installments or payover plans, be sure the funeral home guarantees prices and services once payments are completed. With bonds and insurance, read the fine print to understand how the payout value is determined and what’s covered.

A reputable provider wants to make prepurchasing arrangements affordable. Spreading payments over time makes preplanning much easier to manage for most families. Just be sure payment plan terms and plan coverage details are clearly understood.


While no one likes to think about their end-of-life arrangements, preplanning and prepaying for your funeral is one of the greatest gifts you can leave for loved ones. It lifts the burden of covering thousands in funeral costs and meeting your wishes. Research average costs where you live. Compare prepaid plans that fit your budget. Read all contracts thoroughly to confirm what’s covered and protected long-term. Ask providers about affordable pay overtime options. With sound prepaid arrangements in place well ahead of time, you can spare your family the stresses of funeral planning and provide peace of mind knowing the costs are covered.

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