Comparing House Cleaning Service Costs for Seniors in 2023

Keeping up with house cleaning can be challenging for seniors. Use this guide to understand house cleaning service pricing to find affordable help in Canada.

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Research Average Hourly, Monthly, and One-Time Cleaning Rates:

When evaluating house cleaning costs, the first step is to research online typical hourly, monthly, and one-time deep cleaning rates charged by professional services in your city or metro area. Comparison sites like HomeStars and HouseSigma provide general price guides and averages for cleaning services nationwide and locally.

Expect to spend approximately $25-$35 per hour for basic cleaning, $80-$120 for a standard 2-3 hour monthly cleaning, and $200-$400 for a one-time top-to-bottom deep clean based on home size. However, exact quotes vary widely based on the individual provider, specific suite of services included, square footage, and local labor rates. To get price estimates tailored to your situation, get free no-obligation quotes from at least 3-4 well-reviewed local cleaning companies online. Comparing rates quoted among different providers gives you realistic budget expectations when planning for cleaning help.

Clarify Exactly What Services Are Included in Quotes:

When evaluating the specifics of cleaning quotes from different companies, it is essential to clarify and understand precisely what services are included (and not included) in the stated prices. Ask detailed questions like:

  • Do you clean walls, baseboards, doors, ceilings, inside cupboards, and window sills?
  • Are ceiling fan blades cleaned on every visit?
  • Are window interiors and exterior sills washed?
  • Are blinds dusted and wiped down?
  • Are baking ovens thoroughly cleaned inside and out?
  • Is laundry washing, drying, folding, and ironing included?

Secure a detailed cleaning checklist outlining every service the company will perform to ensure all areas are noticed and remembered. Also, understand what cleaning supplies and equipment they provide versus what you must have available in your home already. Get a sense of how thorough and meticulous their process is. Defining precisely what’s encompassed in reasonable rates results in greater satisfaction.

Research Discounts for Repeated or Senior Customers:

To help make frequent professional cleaning affordable on an ongoing basis, research what discounts cleaning providers in your area offer for repeated regular customers versus one-time services. Many companies feature discounted rates for weekly, biweekly, or monthly scheduled cleanings to incentivize customer loyalty, often providing 10-20% off regular prices. This can yield substantial savings for seniors needing consistent cleaning assistance.

Ask about quickly canceling or rescheduling visits if traveling or competing errands arise. Seniors discounts are also commonly available from cleaning services – generally 5-15% off standard pricing for those 65 and over. Some companies have loyalty programs with exclusive periodic special offers for repeat senior customers. Bundling additional services like interior window washing at the same appointment also typically lowers per-service costs. Taking advantage of these available discounts and promotions makes the cost of regular professional cleaning much more budget-friendly.

Compare Quotes and Vet Provider Reputations:

Once you’ve researched average price ranges in your area, call service providers to learn the exact services offered and potential discounts available, and request completely free and customized quotes from your 2-3 top preferred cleaning companies tailored to your specific home size, rooms needing cleaning, and frequency desired. Compare the itemized rates and total costs across the quotes, including any advertised senior discounts.

Ask each company for client references you can contact to verify the quality and reliability of their cleaning teams and customer service. Reputable house cleaning providers thoroughly background check all staff members and offer satisfaction guarantees if you are dissatisfied with a visit. Online reviews can provide insight as well. Choosing the cheapest hourly rate sometimes results in the best match or value. With proper diligence, Canadian seniors can identify and establish relationships with professional cleaners that offer excellent service at reasonable costs.


Hiring reliable, professional house cleaning services can help seniors maintain tidy, sanitized homes without taking on burdensome physical effort. Researching typical hourly and monthly cleaning rates online and call providers gives expected cost ranges in your local market. Clarify which services are included or not in quotes to set clear expectations. Explore regular customer discounts and senior pricing deals that reduce costs for ongoing needs. Carefully compare custom quotes while vetting each company’s reputation to identify cleaning providers well-suited to your budget, home, and lifestyle. The right cleaning pro delivers thorough, stress-free assistance at an affordable price.

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