Albert, What is The Cost of New Mattress in 2023?

When it comes to getting good sleep, there are only two things that matter — a pair of eyes and a good mattress.

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After all, you will have to close your eyes to access sleep. But, even much more important is the surface you’re sleeping on, which should be a mattress.

A good mattress is firm enough to support you, especially if you sleep on your back. If your mattress is too soft, your entire body will sink into it, and it will cause you some unwieldy back pains. However, if your mattress is too hard, you might also be sleeping on a plank. A hard mattress will pound your backbones like nothing else, also leaving you with aching back pains as soon as you wake up.

All of which means that you have to take your time in purchasing just the right mattress for you. But the ‘right mattress’ also comes at a price, and you must know how much so that you can adequately plan for a purchase.


Many things affect the cost of a mattress, but the most important factors that push up or lower the price of a mattress include type, size and where it’s sold, whether in an online store or a physical store.

For a budget-friendly foam mattress, Business Insider estimates that the price goes for $450 or less. According to the magazine, a latex luxury mattress starts from $2,500.

Budget innerspring mattresses cost $600 or less, luxury innerspring mattresses start from $1,200, budget hybrid mattresses cost $1,100 or less, luxury hybrid mattresses start from $2,200, budget latex mattresses cost $1,200 or less, and mid-priced latex prices start from $2,000.

Mid-priced foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses all start from $1,000, $1,000 and $1,500, respectively.

However, here’s the catch: special mattress sales throughout the year can save you a lot of money by allowing you to cash in on mattress sale discounts.


As you should already know, many factors affect the price of a mattress. The most important ones include:

● Type: The materials used to make a mattress go a long way in determining the price of a mattress. If you want a mattress made from natural materials, you have to realise they are more expensive than mattresses made from synthetic or non-natural materials.

● Size: Bigger mattresses cost more than smaller mattresses. A twin mattress costs half the price of a king-sized mattress.

● Online Store: Buying a mattress online costs less than a mattress sold in a physical store.

● Shipping Costs: Shipping costs add to the price you will have to pay for a mattress, although many new mattress companies make bed-in-a-box mattresses that offer free shipping.

● Other factors: Extra services like white-glove setup and removal of your old mattress, return shipping costs and bedding materials like foundations and box springs all add up to the cost of purchasing a material.


Whatever you do, always keep in mind that it is wiser to pay more for a top-quality mattress that is comfortable and lasts for years.

However, remember to carefully factor in the price range of the mattress you want to buy so you don’t end up overpaying for a less desirable mattress, thereby dashing your expectations.

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