Albert, What is Internet Without Landline and What is The Price in 2023?

At the current stage of civilization across the world, virtually everyone in Australia uses the internet and social media applications.

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It’s no gainsaying that these applications can only be enjoyed with the use of very strong internet connections. And without a landline, many Australians are curious about the average cost of the internet. Interested too? Read on to learn a lot more!

Internet Without Landline

Why Internet without Landline?

Why is the internet without landlines the prominent option which Australians go for in recent times? Although cable internet is very fast and has demonstrated unflinching reliability for decades, they are no more trendy. With the shift towards wireless devices, the internet is having an equal shift towards wireless connections too. After all, the internet is a virtual space and connection through wires doesn’t give all persons the whole feel. Several internet services that require no landline include laptop dongles, phone tethering, and wireless routers. Amongst these, wireless routers seem to be the most purchased and sought after option for several reasons. They provide reliable signals by giving you the option to pick between 2.4ghz to 5ghz bands. Hence, your phone’s connection stays intact without any form of interference. Furthermore, dual-band options in wireless routers help you stay connected even over very long distances. That is, you can move around within a reasonable perimeter without losing an internet connection in your home. Also, you easily handle multiple devices which are connected to your router at any point in time. For instance, you can set separate access for guest users of your router if you please. Moreover, you can easily make your home into your very convenient space by connecting your TV, laptop and any other devices that need internet services to perform some actions.

Cost of Wireless Internet Connections

In Australia, wifi routers are a very popular internet services option. However, your choice depends heavily on the amount you’re willing to pay. There are lots of amazing variants from HTC, Huawei, Netgear and TP-Link M7350 with prices running clear above AUD 100. With these, you get a great deal of mobility and strong internet connections. However, if you’re bent on getting the best prices without a landline, you should consider other options. In the early periods when wireless internet connections were introduced, dongles and routers were preferred. Regardless, there are now comparatively cheaper options offered by service providers in their mobile broadband bundles. Some of the prominent ones include Optus, OVO and Amaysim. Optus offers 3 mobile broadband plans which are 3GB at AUD 15, 10GB at AUD 25AUD$25 and 200GB at AUD 60 per month. If you want extra GB, you need to add an AUD 10 charge to the default rates. OVO on the other hand offers very large data plans like 50GB at AUD 49.95, 100GB at AUD 69.95, 150GB at AUD 89.95 and 250GB at AUD 99.95 per month. Amaysim offers 4g mobile broadband plans like 50GB for $60, 100GB for $70 and 150GB for $90 and these remain valid for 28 days.

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