The Best Online Nursing Degree Options In 2022

If you would like to do a fulfilling job and make real impact in people’s lives, then nursing is an excellent profession to study! We’ve narrowed down the best, affordable options to do it online and made a list for you…

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Many nurses leave work feeling fulfilled by the number of people they have helped during their working hours, even if it was a hectic one. What’s more, nursing offers many perks for anyone interested in studying the course, especially its flexibility and variety.

As a nurse, you can work almost anywhere, and learning nursing is even more fun because you get to deal with many real-life situations, unlike typical students who sit in the library almost all the time.

But bagging a nursing degree isn’t free; you have to pay for it. So what factors affect the cost of a nursing degree, and how much does it cost in Australia?

Options Of Online Nursing Degree in 2021

Factors that influence the cost of a nursing degree

Nursing school tuition depends heavily on the school you are planning on attending, how long you will be spending to get the degree and the type of program you’re looking to get into, whether it’s an Associate or a Bachelor’s degree.

Usually, studying nursing at a community college presents the most affordable option to getting a nursing degree. A state or public university can also be a more affordable option when compared to a private university, which is usually the most expensive option of getting a nursing degree.

Also, your peculiar financial situation will go a long way in determining how cheap or expensive it is for you to get a nursing degree. If you get financial aid or a grant, or you’re on a scholarship, then a nursing degree will come cheaper relative to what other students have to pay for it.

Nursing students also have to pay for learning aids, all of which can be expensive. Students may have to pay for uniforms, stethoscopes and professional nursing exams.

Overall, a three-year full time or six-year part-time nursing degree at a top university in Australia can cost you anything from within $20,000 to $30,000, depending on your institution of choice, the length of time you’ll be spending to get the nursing degree and your particular financial situation, especially whether you’re on a grant, scholarship or financial aid.

How much do popular schools in australia charge a nursing degree?

At the University of Technology in Sydney, the tuition fee for nursing for a year costs $25,567. At the University of Sydney, nursing costs $28,860 per year, while Monash University charges $25,900 for a nursing degree for a year.

You have to pay $22,705 for a nursing degree at Deakin University, and Griffith University charges $23,310 for a nursing degree. For a year, a nursing degree at Queensland University of Technology $26,862 and $25,705 at the University of Queensland.

Obtaining a nursing degree at the University of Newcastle costs $22,302, while nursing tuition for an entire year at the University of Adelaide costs $26,270. The Australian Catholic University charges $21,520 for a nursing degree per year.

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