Affordable Senior Living Apartments

As Singapore’s population ages, the need for senior-friendly housing options grows. Discover the new affordable apartments designed specifically for the elderly in 2024.

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The Rising Demand for Senior Housing

According to the Department of Statistics, around 1 in 4 Singaporean residents will be aged 65 and above by 2030. This demographic shift has spurred the development of specialised senior living facilities to accommodate the nation’s rapidly greying population.

While upscale retirement resorts cater to the affluent elderly, affordable public housing that caters to the needs of seniors with moderate incomes and assets is becoming increasingly crucial. The Housing & Development Board (HDB) is leading the charge with its new line of senior-friendly apartment projects launching in 2024.

HDB’s Purpose-Built Senior Living Apartments

These newly constructed apartment complexes are designed from the ground up to provide safe, secure and low-maintenance independent living for the elderly:

  1. Senior-Centric Amenities Beyond basic facilities like residents’ lounges and exercise corners, these properties feature mobility amenities like wheelchair-friendly landscaping and sheltered linkways.
  2. Assisted Living Options Residents can opt for home-based health and cleaning services through on-site service suites operated by voluntary welfare organisations.
  3. Priority for the Elderly At least one resident owner of each unit must be a Singaporean aged 65 or older during application to qualify for these apartments.
  4. Enhanced Community Facilities Multipurpose clubhouses provide venues for senior-centric social, recreational and skill-building activities to foster active ageing.
  5. Smart Living Features Smart home technologies like elderly monitoring sensors and panic buttons integrated into units promote independent living.

Choice Central Locations & Affordable Pricing

Unlike typical suburban HDB projects, these senior-friendly apartments are strategically located in mature central estates like Tiong Bahru, Kallang and Bukit Merah to facilitate mobility and connectivity for the elderly.

To ensure affordability, a new “Assisted Living” scheme provides the opportunity for seniors to purchase a 30-40% share of these new apartments at highly subsidised rates starting from $60k for a studio unit. Additional subsidies further lower costs for lower-income elderly.

Interested seniors can apply for these new assisted living apartments directly through HDB or participate in an Annual Senior Apartment Application exercise organised with their respective town councils.

A Holistic Approach to Senior Care

Beyond just housing, these urban “senior villages” integrate a holistic suite of elderly care services and health resources through community partnerships:

  • Designated Elderly Transit Loops with Priority Boarding
  • Roving Healthcare Marquees Offering Preventative Screenings
  • Senior Concession Grocers & Complimentary Dishfare Delivery
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Response & Service Coordination

With such comprehensive support systems in place, Singapore’s lower and middle-income senior citizens can now look forward to ageing gracefully in a safe, well-appointed environment while maintaining their independence and social connectedness well into their sunset years.

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