A Guide to Choosing Walk-In Bathtubs and Showers for Seniors in 2023

Walk-in bathtubs with showers add safety and accessibility for seniors. Use this guide to choose affordable walk-in models with the ideal features in 2023.

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Research Average Installation Costs to Set Realistic Budget Expectations

The first essential step when investing in a walk-in bathtub is to conduct online research through home improvement and bathroom cost guides to estimate typical total installed pricing ranges for walk-in tubs in Australia. This provides realistic budget expectations to prepare.

DirectBuy Bathrooms suggests allowing approximately $4,000-$8,000 installed for a basic walk-in tub without advanced features. Higher-end walk-in models boasting more accessories like air spa jets, fast drainage, and digital controls usually run $10,000-$15,000 fully fitted. However, quoted costs can vary widely based on the specific tub brand, dimensions, material, design complexities, accessories added, and labor rates in your area.

To get a more precise estimate tailored to your project parameters, get free, no-obligation installation quotes from at least 3 top local walk-in tub suppliers in your area online. Comparing these quotes averaged together assists greatly in planning accurate budgets as a starting point.

Carefully Measure Space and Plumbing to Choose Appropriate Size and Shape

When selecting and purchasing the suitable walk-in bathtub model for your bathroom space, taking careful measurements of your existing layout and plumbing locations is crucial to choose the ideal size and shape that fits appropriately. Small compact tubs with rounded ends allow fitting into tighter spaces but limit seating room.

Meanwhile, more extensive and profound models provide more excellent interior space for seniors but require more open floorplans. Measure door widths carefully to ensure chosen tubs can be delivered and installed without issues. Corner walk-in units utilize bathroom space most efficiently. Also, identify plumbing and drain locations to select tub configurations that align without requiring expensive alterations. Taking precise room measurements and planning installation logistics prevents costly surprises.

Compare Key Features Like Door Types, Jet Options, and Controls

When researching walk-in tub models, compare the available features of each that allow customizing your purchase to match mobility level, safety needs, and bathing preferences. Weigh the benefits of out-swing vs. in-swing doors, the number and power of therapeutic air spa jets, quick-draining systems, anti-slip flooring, and easy-reach external waterproof controls before selecting.

Also consider walk-in tub and shower combinations, built-in seats allowing you to shower while seated, grab bars and accessories for maneuvering, and safety extras like slip-resistant floors. Reviewing feature options in-depth will enable you to hand-select the most valuable additions worth the added expense for your circumstances rather than paying for unnecessary frills. The right accessories enhance effectiveness and usability.

Request Custom Quotes and Compare Pricing for Models in Your Budget

Once you’ve researched the range of options online for style, sizes, and features, contact suppliers for at-home design consultations so you can walk through your space and view specific models first-hand. Experienced tub installers can recommend sizing and placement based on your bathroom layout, plumbing, and entryways.

Ask suppliers to provide fully customized quotes for walk-in tub options tailored to your exact bathroom space measurements, shape preferences, must-have features, and budget needs. Compare pricing across quality brands like Kohler, Ella, HydroSystems, and Freedom. Focus comparisons on quality construction included features and comprehensive warranty coverage when selecting models. Investing in the walk-in tub ideal for your space and mobility level significantly improves daily accessibility and safety over standard bathing.


Adding an accessible walk-in bathtub and shower improves bathroom safety and preserves independent bathing capabilities for Australian seniors as mobility decreases. Researching typical installed costs based on specific models sets realistic budget expectations to plan for this significant home modification investment. Measuring your existing bathroom spaces carefully ensures you select the ideal-sized tub without installation issues. Comparing features allows choosing options to match physical needs and accessibility challenges. Requesting quotes from knowledgeable local suppliers allows side-by-side comparisons. With proper diligence in selecting the right walk-in tub, seniors can conveniently enjoy safe, relaxing baths at home.

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